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Welcome To The World Of Dirtbag Ceramics

Hello, and welcome! My name is Carol Coyne or "Cheer," and I'm a long distance hiker and the ceramicist behind Dirtbag Ceramics. Since you're here, I think a little introduction is in order!

I'm "Cheer" - the ceramicist behind Dirtbag Ceramics

I've hiked over 5,000 miles across the U.S. with the goal of completing the Triple Crown of hiking - which includes the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), Continental Divide Trail (CDT), and the Appalachian Trail (AT). So far, I've completed the PCT and CDT - and have had so many moments of inspiration during my long treks in some of the most remote places in the country. 

Finishing the Continental Divide Trail!

When I'm not hiking, I get on the wheel in my home studio to create functional pottery that reminds me of moments in the wild - like the stunning desert sunrises in New Mexico, glacial lakes in the Sierra Nevada, and the river rocks in Montana.

A beautiful Pacific Crest Trail sunrise

This blog will be filled with behind the scenes photos, videos, and descriptions of each collection - and I hope you're as excited as I am. The studio is a fun place to be! I also plan to give updates on ceramic inspiration I get while hiking in the future, including my AT attempt to complete the Triple Crown in 2023.

Hiking on the CDT in Colorado

You can also follow along on my YouTube channel where I give weekly video updates with beautiful scenery and also some of the truths from trail...including the not so great moments (keeping it real over here!). All in all, long distance hiking is the most rewarding and life changing thing I've done - and I hope my ceramics capture the awe and true feeling of being one with nature.

I'm currently working on pieces for the holidays, which will be sold at the Patchwork Show in Southern California (Tustin on November 6th and Long Beach on November 13th). If you're in the area, I'd love to see you at the booth! If not, don't you worry - pieces will also be sold online here starting mid to late November. Keep up with all the updates and exclusive previews by signing up for the Dirtbag Newsletter.

I hope that my pottery reminds you of your own adventures in nature, and inspires you to go out into the wilds again and again. I look forward to showing you more.

Much love,

- Cheer


Connect with me here!:

Instagram: @dirtbagceramics

Facebook: @dirtbagceramics

TikTok: @dirtbagceramicsandgoods

YouTube: Cheer On The Trail

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I can NOT wait to visit your booth at Patchwork Show and add to my Dirtbag collection!


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